Trust The Balance is dedicated to sustaining humanity through building community and providing education. Want to change the world with us?

We would love to get you oriented and discuss how we can help each other.


Questionnaire for New Volunteers (please copy and email us your answers) 

Today’s Date:






How did you learn about our organization?


What interests you about our organization and our programs?


Is there any particular program or other organizational areas in which you are most interested?


Consider the types of skills you have; are there any that you think would be useful to our organization?


Public Speaking ____   Writing ____   Editing ____   Fundraising ____

Graphic design____    Event planning_____    Outdoor trip Planning/leading____

Administration____     Membership programs____    Community Outreach ____

Volunteer coordination____    Sustainability____    Education/Teaching____   


Building/Construction_____    Wellness/Healing ____    Entertainment ____


Music____    Dance____    Art____


Other skills/experience you might bring with you:


How do you show up for yourself and the world?


Are there days of the week and times of day that work best for you to volunteer?


Do you prefer to get together and work with a group?  Do you prefer to work from home on odd hours that work for you personally? Both?


Please share with us any potential conflicts of interest you might bring to volunteering with our organization if you know of any:


Anything else we should know about you?


Any information you’d like to know about us and our organization before volunteering?


We are so grateful for your interest in joining our community!

Trust The Balance Community is all about living in our highest purpose.

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