Making Our Dreams Come True

Community founder, project organizer, volunteer coordinator, writer, and public speaker.

Ada facilitates growth through events and educational courses.

Offering support with her gifts as a Crisis Counselor, Festival Coordinator, Yoga Instructor, Musician, Reiki Practitioner, Leader, and Healer.

Ada Goldberg
Founder & Community Organizer

Turning Our Vision into Reality

Event planning, organization, task management, and love healing.

As an alternative Sex Therapist, Alia focuses on the integration of somatic and cognitive healing to connect clients to their own inner desires of the human experience. 

Alia Grimm
Operations Manager & Secratary

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Accounting and Bookkeeping, Business Development, and Gardening Consultant.

As a bookkeeper, Cat has experience working with restaurants and bars, retail, construction, realty, and various other service-based entities.

She works closely with companies to ensure a relationship of support. Her objectives are to reduce stress and free up time, help the organization realize its goals, and keep our books accurate. 

Cat Saucer
Accountant & Business Planner 

Checking Our Facts 

Farming production consultant and educator. Focused on sustainable practices, mulch/compost, research, and statistics.

Bryce has worked in plant cultivation for a number of years making medicine to help heal and feed people.

Bryce Schnellenberger
Nutrition & Sustainability

Supporting Our Connection

Brainy and Beautiful, efficiency manager, sustainability consultant, training extraordinaire, and tiny house builder.

Tyson Jones 
Tech Guru