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Making Our Dreams Come True

Community founder, project organizer, volunteer coordinator, writer, and public speaker.

Ada facilitates growth through events and educational courses.

Offering support with her gifts as a Crisis Counselor, Festival Coordinator, Yoga Instructor, Musician, Reiki Practitioner, Leader, and Healer.

Ada Goldberg
Founder & Community Director

Checking the details

Event planning, organizational development, task management, and editing/writing.

Courtney offers leadership development and procedural insight. 

Courtney Niebel

Artist and Organizer

Counseling, digital art, human rights, and volunteer networking. Jeremy values community, and researching ways to develop sustainable systems. He continually inspires us with good food and conversation.

Jeremy Spafford

Training & Support

Well-versed in mentorship, personal training, and navigating life transitions. Jordan is a family man who enjoys nature and supporting community

Jordan Lindsay
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