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The Vision
Our vision is to create innovative community systems
that offer an alternative way of living.

We are working to improve lives.

We want to provide sustainable communities that offer life-to-death care.
Reducing the stress of meeting basic needs including housing, healthy food, childcare, eldercare, ability to live with purpose and feel connected to a community. 

Our motto is
We all DO better when we all DO better
That is how we create places where we can all 
live within our highest potential, honoring our gifts in life.

We started with creativity, connection, and community. Began hosting free workshops and events. Leading to becoming a nonprofit and hosting wellness retreats. All of which we are still facilitating! 

We have branched out into making beneficial community programs. Supporting dreams of other visionaries.

With the hopes of manifesting a property to build our first
live in Trust The Balance community.
Every day we get one step closer to this vision.
Supported by collective action and rooted in personal responsibility.

We Trust The Balance. 
Join us in changing the world! 
Beginning with ourselves. 


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